Product introduction

Glasstex® fiberglass wallcovering production line is designed, manufactured and installed in Germany entrusted by Glasstex. It is the most advanced fiberglass wallcovering production line, also the sole production line imported from abroad in China, with annual capacity of 25 million meters.After operating of production line, it reaches standard of European like products, accord with ten mandatory standards of national decorative materials, belong to grade A incombustible material, and were identified as green building material.
Glasstex® fiberglass wallcovering is widely used in hotel, airport, school, hospital, apartment and household decoration etc.

Product features
The raw material are from nature, environment friendly
Excellent air permeability, no mildew
Water resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent impact strength
Easy to wash, reducing the maintenance cost
Applicable for various walls(cement,plasterboard,brick wall etc. )
Three-dimentional texture is still clearly visible after painting many times
Strong adhesive ability, don’t raised edge and fall off
Reinforcing the surface of the wall, covering the crack, excellent abrasion resistance and durability
Technical parameters
The scope of application
Packaging and storage

Fiberglass wallcovering is packed in heat shrinkage plastic bag with rounded

cardboard on both sides and put into cardboard carton or stacked on pallet.

Unless otherwise specified, the product shall be stacked in dry and cool area, don’t open the package when not used to avoid damp.